Why This?

In truth?  No good reason.

Or perhaps, just because.  Doesn’t everyone have a blog?

The fact is, I rather like to write.  So I do.  Unfortunately, I don’t generally find what I write to be memorable or feel an overwhelming need to maintain what I have written.  It’s almost a philosopical dichotomy: writing belies permanence, yet my attitude toward my own writings has no such motivation, except in a rather transitional way (which might as well have remained unsaid, since transitory is of course the polar opposite of permanent.)

I write in this format because it is in fact easier for me than hand-writing.  I have a minor work-related disability that rather qualifies me, from a scribic perspective, to be doctoral (in the medical sense): my handwriting is an indecipherable code, I’m afraid. Often even to myself. So I type.

This is (as of mid-August, 2018) the second install of a blog this year.  I tend to re-install on occasion to play with new blogging tools.  I suffer a debilitating disease that afflicts a great many software affiniciados: I love shiny new toys.  Fortunately for me, most blogging tools are free.  This one (WordPress) is one such that I revisit frequently, and use for our business site.  But just so you know… this install’s days are, if history is at all anything to go by, very numbered indeed.  Almost certainly not beyond the low-to-mid hundreds.

Why am I telling you this?  Why this warning about my proclivity to delete these wondrous words of wisdom?  Well, maybe it’s because I have a smidge of social consciousness, and don’t want you to get hopelessly addicted to this drivel. IOW: I’m telling you thins so I can come back later, when I’ve vapourized this install, and say “told you so.”

However, in the meantime, if you can find some modicum of pleasure from your experience here… cheers!

No, really: why this?

WordPress is coming out with a new editing paradigm, called ‘Gutenberg’.  A rather lofty moniker, I think, but we’ll let that go with this minimal verbiage.  That editing is currently still in ‘plugin’ mode, so not fully integrated, but from what I understand it is well on it’s way to being complete. Certainly enough so for a semi-literate webby such as myself to be able to risk playing with it in preparation for it’s core implementation.

I also use the excellent theme and associated  customization plugin by Tom Usbourne as featured at Generatepress.com  and he’s been very busy updating… and I’ve not been nearly as busy keeping up. So this project is to help me get back up to some semblance of speed once again, such as that is. I’m way behind in the whole webdev arena any more… it has gotten so big now! (Note: the “Sandbox” is where all the webdev nonsense will be happening)

So: I need to get a handle on this new system/method, and I need to fully learn how to most effectively utilize it, so that I can transpose that knowledge to our corporate website, which is already due for re-working (feels like I JUST did that)… and then train others to use it.  Maybe it can be argued that this little project before which you sit today has a semi-noble purpose.  At least it has a forward-looking utility, and if in the meantime I can process some personal thoughts, all the better.

Enjoy, then.  But know that this space is quite likely the very definition of ephemeral.  Or maybe not.