H2Only: First FB Campaign review

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can make some sense of this for me. Note: don't bother bookmarking this page. It will be gone in a week or so, I expect

I published a blog post on June 20th, entitled "Being in good health starts with the basics" (keyphrase 'in good health')

The next day, I create a FaceBook ad:

This ad has a $21/day budget and is geographically restricted to H2Only's delivery area.

I also wrote a Facebook post, and boosted it:

The purpose of both the ad and the boosted post is to point to that blog post, which has a CTA to sign up for updates (to subscribe to a list)

And waited for the subscriptions to start rolling in.

Below are some screenies of the campaign so far:

Overview: (Open in new tab for larger img)

The ad performance chart:

The boosted post performance chart:

Two questions for the experts:

1: how does that look? What would you immediately change to improve it?

2: ZERO conversion: not one blog subscriber at this point. Help?

John Snippe

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