Grappling a Gorilla

So the past several weeks have been rather retro for me: back to being in full-geek mode. It's been years, actually.

Why? Well, we need to find a different way of going about our marketing at work... not that we are putting the 'old' way out to pasture (nooooo, Wilma, you keep on keeping on, for sure) but certainly to explore options and perhaps increase our rate of growth.

So, for the past month I have been exploring digital marketing. Signed on at a tutorial site, took out a few cloud service subscriptions, learning tons I didn't know I didn't know... soo much. My head is exploding.

It's so big, so new to me, so different... I had to download a mindmap app today (MindMaple) to keep things straight and moving in the right direction. I have so much to learn, so much to implement, that if I don't rationalize the process (which never came naturally to me and is getting less so all the time) I will never get out of the starting gate.

One thing that is sticking in my head (heard it on that tutorial site): "Shipping Wins". In other words, whatever gets out of the door and starts working in the real world beats all the great plans and implementations that are still not ready to go out the door! So, the motivation at the moment for me is to get something, anything, up and out to see if it works, how it works, how to make it better... and take it from there.

But even at that, I am probably 3-4 weeks away from sending something out. Yeah, it's that big even when it's small. I have to learn a whole new paradigm of thinking (that's actually starting to happen), and then take that new paradigm and plug it into a bunch of new toys. One of the toys I will be using is Wordpress, with which I am quite familiar, but using it basically as a backbone to a set of plugins that have been written for the express purposes of digital marketing... and that I know nothing about! On top of that, this new WP solution will integrate with an email automation system, again which I know nothing about. Then finally, all of that stack will tie into an ad system via social media... that I know only enough about to be dangerous at. I've done FB ads and Google Adwords in the past, and it failed for me (and now I know why), so it will be interesting to see how things change going forward.

Needless to say, I am pretty pumped about this. It could end up being extraordinary. It is certainly very challenging, another thing I like about it: it's been a while since I've grappled with what feels like a gorilla with a toothache ;)

John Snippe

Living a life of contented confusion... yes, getting older and OK with it. This space? Just because. Ramblings and scribbles when I feel like it. Enjoy. Or not.

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