Garden update (pics)

It's been a while since I posted some pics of the veg garden, and it's been a LONG time since I blogged about it (usually just did a FB update the past few years)... so here we go.

Took a wee walk around the back yard this morning with my iPhone (yeah, should have used the real cam, I guess). Even took my first-ever panorama shots... wow, they distort, don't they? Let's lead off with those so you have a feel for the layout. Note: the pano's are linked to bigger images if you want to see those... they're pretty big, so I didn't want to overwhelm)

Pano 1

Pano 1 - This shot is taken from roughly the north edge of the patio at the back of the house, facing south-east.

Pano 1

Pano 2 - Took this from in front of the swing at the northeast corner of the yard

Rhubarb and apples Rhubarb and apples South view Mini orchard Our mini-orchard ~ 6 trees South view from the north edge Garlid and Camomile Garlid and Camomile

Lettuce and Broccoli Lettuce and Broccoli coming along nicely Spinach Spinach... it's slow. Don't know why Peas Peas are doing great. Two beds of them!

And, our latest addition to the gardening cycle: our grow room with it's 6-tube T-5 HO 2'x4' fluorescent fixture! This is working great!
Grow room 1

As you can see by the last image, I am having some issues... my tomatoes and peppers need more room. I'm stalling on transplanting them into bigger pots... want to put them outside. I have a feeling, tho, that we're in for a long, cool, wet spring. I'll give it one more week. The Weather Network is giving me some hope: here's a screenie of their two-week forecast as of today... if they're right, I might be good for outside.
weather forcast shot Nah.. I guess not. I put my tomatoes out a bit early a couple of years ago and they had some cool nights. Nowhere near frost, but it was enough to mess them up. They never really recovered... it was not a good crop. Transplant into pots it is.

Anyhow, there you go. A wee update on the garden. I'll try to do this sort of regularly.

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