Welcome to Snippe.ca, my sandbox

I'd prefer no cats here, thanks!

Hello! My name is John Snippe, and I use this space to test different things I am working on.

Currently, the project here is my involvement in the process of learning a few things, most notably HTML5 and the Bootstrap framework. Why?

Well, that’s a bit of a story. Long ago, when modems actually beeped and blinked, rather than actually transfering data (remember 14.4? Earlier? Netscape Navigator as the Great New Thing?), I pretended to be a web guy. And kept at it for a while. Even got to be a software tester for Adobe for a bit as they were working hard at getting rid of Cyberstudio/GoLive, at which they succeeded admirably. Fun times.

Anyhow, I drifted out of the sphere. Life happened. And now I drifted back.

The past half year or so, I have immersed myself in learning digital marketing. It’s been interesting, but there have been false starts made, mostly by ’shiney object syndrome’. One of the false starts, the big one, was working on moving to Wordpress. And Thrive Themes. Now, when I say ’false start’, don’t get me wrong. WP apparently has a quarter of the web in its thrall, so it can’t be bad. And it isn’t. It is what it is: the Swiss Army knife of web-dev. Does lots. Does nothing remarkably well (with the very real exception of giving lots of folks access to web-creation in some form… no small thing). Gets the job done for tens of millions of people, so all good.

And then there was Thrive Themes. Interesting. A really big solution, all told. Ambitious is a good word to describe it, I think. Its market share is folks who use Wordpress as their marketing platform… it is highly focused on conversion. So, plugins for all kinds of things: testimonials, landing pages, forms, comments… all with the intent of helping one sell / market. And it is hugely popular on the forums I attend, so I laid out some $$ and gave it a go.

Long story short: WP/Thrive is not for me. I discovered I am a bit OCD: I like to know I can control the user interface I am creating. I like to know I am building the best thing I can. And, well, I wasn’t knowing that with this set-up.

Hello, world!

This is a simple hero unit, a simple jumbotron-style component for calling extra attention to featured content or information.

It uses utility classes for typography and spacing to space content out within the larger container.

And we can add some lead-formatted text as well

Learn more

So, three weeks ago, I pulled the plug. Ceased developing with WP/Thrive. Started looking around for a new way. And eventually landed on Bootstrap. Almost Foundations. Almost Flex. But at the end of the day, I made a decision for Bootstrap. Version 4 (still beta, but stable) is very interesting. Yes, I have to code (kinda/sorta), but it makes sense. The semantic structure is logical, and there are tons of resources.

But even there, I was trying to cheat: themes. Lots of them out there. But at the end of the day, I want to know this thing, so walked away from that as well.

So what you are looking at as of Saturday, Nov.4, 2017, as I sit here writing this, is the result of about a week of grinding away at Bootstrap (with a two-day detour playing with, and loving, SVG… see that ‘superman’ icon up there and behind this? It’s an 8kb file, and it can be as big as a house and still be unpixelated perfection!!)

Anyhow… enough babble for now. As I work and play here in the sandbox, the purpose is to create a knowledge-base for myself that I will then transfer to our business website… and then who knows what the next adventure will be in this space? Not me…


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Tomorrow, more data. Next up will be an update page, where things I learn and implement will be listed

Next learns: stacking columns, add a navbar